Boston Government Center Walking Tour: Urban Renewal and its Legacies

Corner of Cambridge and Bowdoin St

Boston, MA
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This tour will this visit this focal point of Boston to consider how urban redevelopment of the 1960s played out here and its legacies for today. Twenty-first century redevelopment is transforming this area rapidly. The tour will begin by visiting the buildings (Hurley Building) and plaza of the Boston Government Service Center then will walk by other landmarks to the Boston City Hall. Scott Bascom will explain plans for the City Hall plaza by Sasaki and Associates.

Organized by the Docomomo US/New England chapter, this tour will be led by two of its board members, Timothy M. Rohan, UMass Amherst, author of The Architecture of Paul Rudolph, and Scott Bascom of Sasaki Associates.

Free, no registration required. 

Meet at the corner of Cambridge and Bowdoin Streets by the Hurley Building, a part of the Boston Government Service Center.

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