Exhibit Columbus Walking Tour




506 5th St
Columbus, IN
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Columbus, Indiana, is well known for its collection of world class architecture. This year we invite you to see Columbus in an entirely new way during the inaugural exhibition of Exhibit Columbus. Take a guided tour of many of the 18 site-responsive installations located throughout downtown Columbus. These installations include work from international designers, professors from Midwestern university's as well as students. The main attraction of Exhibit Columbus will be the five Miller Prize installations running along 5th Street, Columbus’ Avenue of Architects. During the tour your guide will provide insight into each site, the designers’ processes, materials and fabrication methods. Visitors are encouraged to walk around, in, and though many of the installations for an interactive experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to see these temporary installations this fall.

This tour is seasonal and will run from opening weekend, August 26 through October 27 and lasts about 90 minutes.