Modern Landmarks Revitalized: Kahn’s Richards Labs and Saarinen’s Hill House Dormitories

Walking Tour

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The undisputed heavyweights of modern architecture on the University of Pennsylvania campus are Louis Kahn’s Richards Medical Research Laboratories (1957-61) and Eero Saarinen’s Hill House Dormitory (1958-60). Each has undergone major renovations that sought to reinforce the cultural significance of the site while adapting to contemporary housing preferences and environmental concerns. These in-depth tours will be led by key members of the design teams who undertook these challenging projects, as well as their counterparts at the University.


Guides: Mark Kocent and Maureen Ward, University of Pennsylvania with David Fixler, Areta Pawlynsky, Michael Mills and Meredith Bzdak.


50 Max (two groups of 25)



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