Modern Landscape and Architectural Design of the Park System


Minneapolis, MN
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Attendees will meet at Columbia Park in Northeast Minneapolis to look at and talk about the diversity of Modern Landscape and Architectural Design for the Minneapolis and Saint Paul Parks System. The parks and their shelters offer an interesting viewpoint in looking at Modern Design and we can see a glimpse into this world in these remaining structures and landscapes. Of special note is the Columbia Park Shelter designed by a University of Minnesota architecture student, Paul Miller, assisted by faculty member Walter Vivrett in 1955. This is reportedly the first pre-stressed concrete structure in Minneapolis.

The tour will then travel to Hidden Falls Regional Park in Saint Paul where the discussion will continue at the very unique 'umbrella' park shelters that were designed for the Saint Paul Park system. The event will include a picnic, games for the kids, and talks about the Modern Landscape and Architecture of the parks.

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