Revisiting Urban Renewal in Western Addition

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption

1111 Gough Street
San Francisco, CA
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This event will be a two-hour walking tour exploring the Western Addition Redevelopment Area, going beyond the icons of St. Mary's Cathedral, Marquis & Stoller's St. Francis Square Cooperative, and Minoru Yamasaki's Hotel Kabuki to focus on lesser-known projects by significant California architects and landscape architects. Projects will include a community center by African American architect Carey Jenkins, work by landscape architect Peter Walker, a Third Bay Tradition housing complex by Jonathan Bulkley, and an unexpected reuse of a former Acme beer brewery as the base of an apartment complex by Joseph Esherick. The tour will dive into the realities of the unkept promises of redevelopment, the devastation that the program had on the predominantly Black neighborhood of the Fillmore--known as the "Harlem of the West" for its vibrant cultural and artistic scene, including many Black-owned businesses--and what James Baldwin referred to as "Negro removal."

This tour is organized by the Docomomo US/Northern California chapter and will be led by Barrett Reiter, Anna Maria Grune, Chad DeWitt, and Gary Leung.

Tickets will be available Tuesday 9/26
Free for current Docomomo US Members (join or renew your membership here)

This event is part of Docomomo US Tour Day 2023.

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