Session 4: Beyond the Canon

Hotel Marcel

500 Sargent Dr
New Haven, CT


Daniel Jonas-Roche

Vaidas Petrulis

Fatema Tasmia

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Beyond the Canon

In this session we look at the contributions of lesser-known architects and how the idea of modernity shaped new nations. Speakers will look at Lithuanian-born designers, the work of American-born Robert George Boughey and his impact on Bangladesh and Alfred P. Sloan’s influence on highway construction and the built environment.

Speakers & Abstracts:
  • The Sloanist City: Alfred Sloan, General Motors, and Managerial Capitalism
    Daniel Jonas-Roche (b.1993) is an architecture professor, curator, and writer in New York City.
  • Modernism and National Identity: Case of Lithuanian WWII Refugees in US
    Vaidas Petrulis, Ph.D., is an architectural historian and researcher at Kaunas university of Technology in Lithuania.
  • Architect Robert G. Boughey: A "Shadow Canon" in the Context of Post-colonial Modern Architectural History 
    Fatema Tasmia is a PhD student at the Department of History of Art and Architecture, Boston University.
  • Cecelia Bucki, Professor of History, Fairfield University.

Hotel Marcel, 500 Sargent Dr, New Haven, CT, 06511