Tour Day 2020: The '70s Turn 50

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The only national program of its kind, Tour Day is devoted to the appreciation of modern architecture in the United States. Tours and events focused on architecture and design of the Modern Movement are hosted by Docomomo US chapters, partners, and leading voices in preservation. Tour Day events can be hosted by nearly anyone interested in or with access to a significant modern building or site. 

This year's theme is the 70s Turn 50. For all the fragmentation and contradictions, architectural designs of the 1970s had many powerful external forces to take into consideration including the recently passed National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. Architectural designs also were responding to the cultural zeitgeist of political and social upheaval, the looming energy crisis, new advances in material and building technology, and sought to elevate egalitarian values much like in earlier designs. Architecture of the 1970s is also uniquely aligned with corporate development, branding and large project or campus architecture. 

We encourage tours that seek to explore and comprehend modern sites of the 1970s, however Tour Day is always open to exploration of all sites and topics related to the Modern Movement. Read more about this year's #70sTurn50 theme.

Tour Day is scheduled for Saturday October 10, 2020. Events may also occur throughout the month of October.

If you are interested in hosting a tour, please fill out the Google form below. If you have questions, contact us at

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