The Docomomo US National Symposium is the primary event in the United States for those interested in the preservation of modern architecture to gather, discuss, share and explore the preservation of heritage of the second half of the 20th Century and its legacy and importance today.


Docomomo US has held an annual “Face to Face” meeting each year since 2002. Beginning in 2010, the annual Face to Face invited guests to participate and expand the discussions and engage the organization more broadly.

2002 – Chicago, Illinois
2004 – San Francisco, California
2004 – VIIIth International Conference of Docomomo in New York City
2006 – Dallas, Texas
2008 – Atlanta, Georgia
2009 – New Orleans, Louisiana
2010 – Boston, Massachusetts
2011 – Los Angeles, California
2012 – New York, New York
2013 – Sarasota, Florida
2014 – Houston, Texas
2015 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
2016 - Detroit, Michigan
2017 - Phoenix, Arizona
2018 - Columbus, Indiana
2019 - Honolulu, Hawaii
2021 - Chicago, Illinois (virtual)
2022 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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