Cushman and Van Horne Residences

Portage Bay

Seattle, WA
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Docomomo US/WEWA welcomes you to the Cushman and Van Horne residences in the Portage Bay neighborhood in Seattle. The two homes are adjacent and represent remarkably intact mid-century modern residential design.

The Van Horne house (1114 E Shelby St) was completed in 1953 and designed by architects John and Audrey Van Horne for themselves, raising their five children in the home. The property remains in the family. We'll be viewing the exterior of this house only (no interior access). Ms. Van Horne will be available to greet guests and tell us more about the house. Learn more about Audrey Van Horne and John Van Horne on our biographies pages.

Next door is the Cushman residence (1108 E Shelby St), original home of architect Edward Cushman. Also built in 1953, the house pays a fine complement to the neighboring Van Horne residence. Each house is two stories with the lower level nestled into the slope of the hill. Rectangular in plan, both structures feature flat roofs, vertical cedar siding, and large floor-to-ceiling windows. The current owners of the Cushman residence are the second owners of the property--they have maintained the integrity of the house and made sensitive upgrades and improvements for contemporary living. The interior of the Cushman residence will be open to view.