Why you should become a member

The modern movement is more relevant than ever, but its buildings are under threat. Docomomo helps protect and reimagine modernist masterpieces around the world.

How your membership supports the organization:

  • Membership represents roughly ⅓ of our operating income
  • Membership allows us to speak out on behalf of threatened sites and makes the bi-monthly newsletter possible as well as Tour Day and the National Symposium
  • Membership dues are shared with regional chapters and supports local advocacy and events

Explore Modern House Partnership

As a network of architects, designers, and like-minded individuals dedicated to the preservation of modern architecture, landscape and design, Docomomo US believes one of the best ways to foster increased awareness and appreciation for significant sites is to experience them firsthand.

Your Docomomo US membership card grants reciprocal access and discounts at the sites listed below. Click the link to each site below for specific details on discounts and stay tuned as more sites are added.

If you are the steward of a modern site and would like to become a partner, please get in touch with us at info@docomomo-us.org