Grand Rapids Recently Restored Mid-century Modern Commercial Buildings Self-Guided Tour


Grand Rapids, MI
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West Michigan Modern has designed a self-guided tour of 15 awesome Grand Rapids mid-century commercial buildings. The tour takes less than three hours to complete by car — depending on whether or not you stop for coffee along the way! Or spend the whole day on bike meandering by these iconic buildings in Grand Rapids scenic neighborhoods. Designed to give you a sense of the incredible work done by Grand Rapids modern architects and builders. More information available on the West Michigan Modern website at Self-Guided Tour of Grand Rapids Cool Mid-Century Commercial Buildings 

The Self-Guided Tour Map includes the location and a brief history of:

  • Former Varsity Grill that served sodas to Christian High Students
  • Current home of Local First — former site for both Republican and Democratic campaigns
  • Cull Group Building and the Cakabakery — former Windmill Florist Shop
  • Former Transamerica Title company — now a court building
  • Little Lucy’s Cafe and Grayes Bistro — former home of Daane’s and D’Amico’s Food Markets
  • Former IBM building

And much more!