Kahn’s Last House

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The Steven and Toby Korman House (1971-73) is the last house that Lou Kahn designed, and it is the last work that was completed in his lifetime. The design was a collaboration with landscape architect Harriet Pattison and marks Kahn’s increasing interest in the integration of landscape and architecture, a country house in the classic sense tied to ideas explored earlier in his Kimbell Art Museum and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial designs. Like the wood of an old barn in the countryside, Kahn envisioned that the exterior wood cladding would naturally silver with age and pictured that color against the green hues of the surrounding landscape.

This tour provides an in depth look at the Korman House, its design and development, as well as the detailed effort to ensure the preservation of the character of the exterior wood.

Guides: William Whitaker, University of Pennsylvania and Andrew Fearon, Materials Conservation


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