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The Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia is one of those rare urban locations that has exceptional examples of architecture and landscape design from every period of United States history. This is especially true of the 1960s when global attention came to focus on Philadelphia as it’s architects and planners were energizing modernism with a broader sense of history, as well as social and environmental concerns. Louis Kahn, Romaldo Giurgola, Robert Venturi, and Ian McHarg, all created environments in Chestnut Hill, three of which were for progressive minded-women clients. This tour visits Kahn’s Margaret Esherick House (1959-62), Venturi’s famed “Mother’s House” for Vanna Venturi (1959-64), and the house and garden of famed ecological planner and landscape architect Ian McHarg (house by Oskar Stonorov; 1959). We are especially fortunate to be able to feature – for the first time in decades – Giurgola’s Dorothy White House, now under careful restoration by preservation minded owners after a period of disheartening neglect.

Because of the special nature and access provided on this tour, we wanted to make it possible for all  Symposium attendees to participate. This will be the only tour offered on Friday afternoon. 


Buses will depart from Beth Sholom Synagogue and will each run different loops to each stop on the tour. Buses will stop at Beth Sholom, Loews, and The Study on the return trip. For those who do not go on the tour, a small bus will be available to bring individuals back to downtown Philadelphia directly after the morning events at Beth Sholom.



160 max (4 buses)


For general Symposium registration, click here. To register for just this tour, click the button below.