Rudolph and Raymond in Quaker Country

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When one considers the work of Paul Rudolph (1918-1997), one thinks about his Florida houses of the early 1950s and his landmark works in New Haven, Boston, and Hong Kong. Similarly, Antonin Raymond (1887-1980) is best remembered as a “father of modern Japanese architecture,” and for his sensitive translation of that country’s classical and vernacular architectural traditions into modernism. And yet, both architects created works of grace and eloquence in rural Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and in so doing, engaged with – in independent ways – the vernacular building traditions of the early Quaker settlers. This tour offers the rare opportunity to visit Rudolph’s John and Alice Fullam House (1957-59), and the nearby Raymond Farm – a transformation of mid-18th century Quaker farmhouse designed by Antonin and Noemi Raymond in 1939-40 that remains in their family’s ownership to this day.



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