Temple Street Garage and Paul Rudolph's Visions of Renewal

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New Haven, CT
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Architect Paul Rudolph believed ‘we have still to learn how to add to the evolving city without tearing down everything in sight.’ It is a curious proclamation from someone so intimately involved in re-envisioning the 'Elm City' as the 'Model City.' Nowhere is this more apparent than at New Haven's gateway, and specifically, his work surrounding the Chapel Square Mall.

Sean Khorsandi will present background on Rudolph, his role, and intentions with the Downtown Renewal. The tour, hosted by New Haven Preservation Trust, will share insights to unrealized plans, design intentions, material choices, and discuss the longevity of this mammoth utilitarian structure in a restless--and evolving City of New Haven.

Free and open to the public

Advance registration required - to register please email info@nhpt.org 


This event is part of Docomomo US Tour Day 2022.


 temple street garage

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