Docomomo US Statement on the 2024 National Symposium


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After thoughtful consideration, Docomomo US will be holding the next National Symposium in Miami and Coral Gables, Florida. Recently, the state has introduced and passed many bills and laws that threaten already vulnerable sectors of the population. These policies do not align with the core values of Docomomo US or any of its chapters.

Members of the LGBTQIA+ community, immigrants, and individuals of all races and ethnicities form an integral part of Docomomo US. This diversity is what makes Docomomo US a strong advocate for Modern architecture, design and landscapes in all of its various forms and shapes, not only in Florida but also across the country.

Docomomo US has consulted with its Florida members and local stakeholders, who have expressed their need for support at this time. Miami is one of the most diverse cities in the country and its people are fighting against these discriminatory policies. As a national organization, Docomomo US has a responsibility to serve all members of our community, despite the policies of the state in which they are located. During the National Symposium, Docomomo US will support targeted and underrepresented communities by prioritizing their stories and representation in our programming and ensuring a welcoming space for all individuals.

In addition to discriminatory policies, Florida is also facing many challenges in the preservation world that could have a disproportionately negative impact on underserved communities. New laws passed under the guise of climate change and flood protection allow developers to bypass preservation ordinances and demolish designated historic buildings, while the buildings that replace them offer no environmental benefits.

If you have comments regarding the location of the National Symposium, please send them to Responses will be provided anonymously to Miami Dade County to help them document the impact of state policies on the local economy.

We hope you will decide to join Docomomo US and support our colleagues and the communities in Miami and Coral Gables. We want to assure our members and supporters that we will always stand up for the values of our community, including and especially at the 2024 National Symposium.

Docomomo US National Board of Directors

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