Angela Fernandes

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An experienced designer and preservationist, Angela currently works as designer and preservation planner at Union Studio Architecture and Community Design, Providence, Rhode Island. Originally from Mumbai, India, she practiced as an architect and researcher in India for over four years post-graduation gaining experience in varied design, research and preservation roles along the way. Her interest in the preservation of modern architecture peaked during her time working at Art Deco Mumbai Trust, extensively researching, documenting, and advocating for the preservation of Mumbai’s Art Deco, as a part of ‘The Victorian and Art Deco Ensemble of Mumbai’-UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


She recently graduated from Cornell University with an MA degree in Historic Preservation Planning. At Cornell, Angela continued to pursue more interesting research on modern architecture, materials, and preservation. She also completed an optional semester in New York City where she had the opportunity to study the exemplary works of modern architects and their preservation in-depth as a preservation intern at Robert A.M. Stern Architects.  


As she now explores the city of Providence, she continues to study and experience the lesser-known modern marvels in the region, with the hope to document not only the architecture, but its sustained role in urban development, and threats to its future preservation.